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Welcome To Genius College Mysore

In 2014, Genius College Mysore was founded with the goal of making education more accessible to students. At Genius College Mysore, we Endeavour to give opportunities for our students to grow without sacrificing their academics. To go and get things rolling, we provide a tranquil campus with high-quality infrastructure.

Our campus has well-equipped laboratories, a large library, a fine canteen, high-quality and efficient classrooms, and a well-designed auditorium for students to take use of. The site is also perfect for learning because of its pleasant green surrounds.

The college is located on the outskirts of the city to make learning exciting and fascinating. A spacious play space for sports and other activities is also available. Annual GIST and MAWRICK FESTS have been held to promote student interests;

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Genius College envisions itself as a leader in improving educational excellence by transforming students holistically. The institution’s mission is to mold students’ moral, cultural, spiritual, intellectual, and academic abilities so that they can succeed in the face of ever-increasing challenges, as well as to encourage them to venture beyond the pages of books and discover new worlds.

We at Genius have competent and experienced professors who are dedicated to provide each student with the highest quality education possible in order to prepare them for a successful career. We believe in overall growth and skill-based education to help you become a genius

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