The institution is the culmination of Ms. Surekha N. Prabhu’s passion and determined dream, which she fostered with the fervent support of her husband and the college’s President, Mr. Prabhu, who has deep and genuine compassion for delivering education to the student community.

Our campus features well-equipped laboratories, a large library, a fine canteen, high-quality and efficient classrooms, and a well-designed auditorium for students to make use of. The campus is also perfect for learning because of its pleasant green environs.

The college is located on the outskirts of the city to make learning exciting and fascinating. A spacious play space for sports and other activities is also available. GIST and MAWRICK FESTIVALS are held every year.

Despite ebbs and flows during its years of service in education, the institution has worked for success, giving quality education to students and opening new vistas for their advancement and success.

The college is located on the outskirts of the city to make learning exciting and fascinating. A spacious play space for sports and other activities is also available. Annual GIST and MAWRICK FESTS have been held to promote student interests;

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years of history


In 2014, Genius College Mysore was founded with the goal of making education more accessible to students. At Genius College Mysore, we endeavor to give opportunities for our students to grow without sacrificing their academics. To get things moving, we provide a tranquil campus with high-quality infrastructure


On behalf of the entire Genius College fraternity, we welcome you to our college. Our goal is to provide students with cutting-edge, in-depth, and high-level learning, as well as to help them build moral values and acquire the abilities and traits of brilliant problem solvers and critical thinkers.

We train our students to tackle the challenges of a highly competitive world and professional advancement with confidence, and we nurture them into responsible human beings who can effectively meet the requirements of a developing nation.

The college’s teaching faculty is highly qualified, dedicated, and skilled, allowing students to stay on top of academic difficulties and innovations. Through innovative initiatives, seminars, presentations, and workshops, our teaching-learning techniques stimulate inter-disciplinary perspectives. The publication of NEET books for competitive exams. Our science department has done an outstanding job with the tests.

 Furthermore, discipline, which is an unavoidable aspect of a student’s life on our campus, instills the virtues of time management and punctuality in order to assure your participation in courses. For the upcoming session, best wishes and blessings.


“We want to inculcate in our students a passion for learning that will lead to success.” They’ll get the knowledge and understanding they’ll need to make a good difference in the communities where they live and work.

The decision of where to pursue your education is a big one. We believe you will not be disappointed if you choose “Genius College,” especially if you are motivated and willing to succeed.

Our college began with only 15 students and now has a total of 270 students.

We work hard to ensure that each student has a positive experience at Genius College and that their future chances increase. We will concentrate on the individual with the support of our expert lecturers.


Rekha BR

“For me, it’s about the academic sphere. The University is interesting, conceptual. We acknowledge how important it is to be experimental.”


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